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Replanting scallions for maximum yield

We often see them chopped up and dumped on a plate of Irish nachos, but what did scallions do to deserve such a cruel fate of afterthought?

Answer? Their mild flavor with a hint of refreshment. Scallions, also known as green onions, are the bulb-less species of the Allium genus. We often see them in supermarkets wrapped up in rubber bands and generally sold for 'dirt' cheap (pun intended). While I have yet to grow these from seeds, what I often do is buy bundles in the market and replant them. With enough sun and water they often quadruple in size within a matter of 2 weeks.

Get the most of your scallion bunches by simply allowing them to take root and being patient. You'll be rewarded with exponentially more green onions and little to no effort.

Pictured: Replanted green onions. Unpaid cameo by basil in the background.

Scallions have a much milder taste than most onions and thus have often been used as more of a decorative accent on dishes rather than as main ingredients.

I love taking a few of these and putting them on a low-heat grill (275°) for a couple of minutes per side and adding to salads for a nice flavorful crunch, or also placing them on top of a burger with blue cheese. The subtle onion flavor complements the powerful stink of the funky cheese in the best way.

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